John Lasala New York

John Lasala, New York attorney and prolific businessman, can point to a lot of education in his background. First, he obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, which he received in 1991. Of course, he went on to New York Law School and earned his Juris Doctor law degree in 1994. Not content with that, however, John also earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from London (UK) Business School in 2009.

As much formal education as he has, John Lasala has even more education from the school of hard knocks, otherwise known as experience. He spent considerable time at Goldman Sachs, for example, where he structured derivatives on behalf of that legendary firm’s Credit Risk Management & Advisory Group. In addition, John Lasala, New York business specialist, provided counter-party risk thresholds for credit derivative businesses. He also conducted credit threshold negotiations and he managed transactional teams in monitoring hedge fund counter-party exposures and he implemented credit enhancing solutions, including options, swaps, variable delivery forwards and pre-paid variable share forwards.